Search Engine Optimization

Get Ahead Of Your Competition. Make It Easier For Your Future Clients To Find You Online

Search Engine Optimization

"Just Google it" ...I'm sure you've heard someone say this phrase. We now have the ability to search for anything whenever we'd like online. Before we had this information at our fingertips sales and marketing were driven by outbound marketing techniques. i.e. cold calls, television commercials, radio ads and newspaper ads. With the emergence of inbound marketing we now have the potential to make it so clients find you through search engines (Google, Bing, websites, blogs and social media). They all contain a "search" bar. What I can do is make sure when they search for a product or service in your space or field that your product can be found using important elements such as precise keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will get your business to the top of search results. 

To keep up with your competition it is essential that your business and your brand are easily found online. If you're not easily found online within the inbound marketing environment that is another opportunity for potential clients to become more familiar with your competition. I am here to prevent this from happening and to keep you on the forefront of the inbound marketing scene. Search Engine Optimization will bring in and attract potential new clients to your business, in real-time, as they need your product or services.

I specialize in:

-Analytics Setup & Tracking: Track number of Ib visits and source of visits

-Content Creation: Draft and edit business text and content

-Pixel Tracking: Ads based on Ib visits

-Keyword research

-Google Search Console implementation

-Link Building


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